Bone Marrow, Blood Building and Immune Support Kit

  • Build Blood,
  • Enhance Immunity,
  • Support Vital Energy,
  • Enhance Normal Response to Infections,
  • Promote Normal Bone Marrow Function
  • Enhances Recovery from Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy Side Effects
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Product Description

Marrow Plus is a Modern Chinese herbal formula that vitalizes and nourishes the vital energy of life, builds the blood, and enhances Immunity.
The function of the bone marrow and its ability to produce our blood cells and immune cells is essential to all of life can be damaged by cancer and cancer treatments and can also be the result of illness and aging. Marrow Plus is based on a Modern Chinese Herbal Formula used today in cancer hospitals and clinics for Bone Marrow Support and Restoration and can be used during treatment and during recovery. It can also be used for long-term support and maintenance to enhance immunity.

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