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Dr. Nalini Chilkov is on a mission to…

transform cancer care so that every patient has a PLAN FOR THEIR HEALTH and not just a plan for their disease.

With over 35 years of experience, Dr. Chilkov is a leading authority in integrative cancer care, immune enhancement, optimal nutrition, and wellness medicine. She is the founder of the American Institute of Integrative Oncology Research & Education (aiiore.com) and the Outsmart Cancer® System.

Dr. Chilkov is the best-selling author of 32 Ways to Outsmart Cancer®: Create a Body Where Cancer Cannot Thrive. Dedicated to changing the face of cancer care, she is a proud member of the Scientific Advisory Boards of Mederi Foundation and Fran Drescher’s Cancer Schmancer Foundation.

About Dr. Nalini


Dr. Nalini Chilkov, L.Ac. OMD, is the creator and Founder of the OutSmart Cancer® System.

It is her mission to change the face of cancer care so that every patient has a plan for their HEALTH and not just a plan for their disease at every phase of the cancer journey. Her online OutSmart Cancer ® programs and lectures are designed to provide patients and families with the self-care tools and knowledge to Get Well, Stay Well, and Live Well Beyond Cancer.

She is the author of the best seller, 32 Ways to Outsmart Cancer: Create A Body Where Cancer Cannot Thrive and is recognized as an authority and pioneer in the fields of Integrative Cancer Care, Cancer Prevention, Immune Enhancement and Healthy Aging.

Dr. Chilkov has lectured worldwide and at the Schools of Medicine at UCLA and UC Irvine and is a frequent expert resource to the media. She has appeared as a health expert on NBC-TV and has been recognized by WebMD and sharecare.com as one of the Top Ten Online Influencers in Breast Cancer.

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Dr. Nalini is acknowledged as a go ­to expert in Suzanne Somer’s book, Knockout: Doctors Who Are Curing Cancer and How to Prevent Getting It in the First Place.

Dr. Chilkov is also the Founder of The American Institute of Integrative Oncology, Research and Education (aiiore.com). The Institute is committed to training front line clinicians online and worldwide to become skilled and confident in serving the health needs of patients whose lives have been touched by cancer by utilizing her OutSmart Cancer® System.

She brings the wisdom and insight of over 35 years of experience with thousands of patients. Her international telemedicine practice is based in Southern California.

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Health and Medical Professionals
Patients and Families/General Public

Lecture Topics

  • Integrative Cancer Care: Managing the Cancer Terrain
  • Integrative Cancer Care: Cancer-Related Fatigue
  • Integrative Cancer Care: Managing Treatment Side Effects with Nutraceutical & Botanical Medicine
  • Integrative Cancer Care: Laboratory Analysis, Botanical and Nutrient Interventions
  • Long-Term Support of Cancer Survivors: Toolbox for the Primary Care Provider
  • Integrative Cancer Care: Increased Rates of Cancer and Cancer Mortality Associated with Obesity and Insulin Resistance | Nutraceutical and Botanical Interventions
  • Phytochemicals and Nutraceuticals Influencing OncoGene Expression
  • Phytochemical and Nutraceutical Chemoprevention of Cancer Stem Cells
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Dr. Chilkov is an invaluable resource for creating a plan for health in the midst of the challenges and complexities of cancer diagnosis, cancer treatment and recovery and investing in the health side of the equation.
- Dr. Mark Hyman, M.D.
New York Times Best Selling Author & Founder of the Ultra Wellness Center
Dr. Chilkov is an invaluable resource to both patients and clinicians who are concerned about creating a plan for health in the midst of the challenges and complexities of cancer diagnosis, cancer treatment and recovery.
- Dr. Frank Lipman, MD
32 Ways to OutSmart Cancer® is a book we all need to read. Dr. Nalini Chilkov is one of the most trusted experts in the cancer field and in this book she shares the best of her thirty years of experience to help you prevent cancer and more.
- Dr. Robyn Benson, DOM
Dr. Chilkov’s programs are masterful. You will feel empowered by her toolbox of natural medicine & diet and lifestyle guidelines that are the root of cancer prevention, cancer recovery, and a long and healthy life.
- Dr. Sara Gottfried, M.D.
New York Times Best Selling Author of The Hormone Cure
I trust Nalini to hold our lives in her hands with compassion and dedication.
- Deena Metzger
Just read the book in one sitting and gifted it to 5 friends. Sound and practical advise we all can follow, just need to remind ourselves. Keep this book handy and reread it often!
- Josephine Gross, Ph.D.
Dr. Nalini Chilkov is my number one resource for cutting edge cancer info. She is on the leading edge of Integrative Cancer Care. I have sent my closest friends to her.
- JJ Virgin, CNS, CHFS
Celebrity Nutrition and Fitness Expert Best Selling Author, The Virgin Diet

Lecture Topics

  • How to Create A Body Where Cancer Cannot Thrive
  • How to Turn On Your Cancer-Fighting Genes
  • Managing Side Effects of Cancer Treatments Naturally
  • Top 10 Cancer-Fighting Superfoods: Fighting Cancer in the Kitchen
  • 12 Imperial Herbs for Longevity & Rejuvenation
  • 6 Ways to Boost Your Immune System, Destroy Cancer Cells, and Fight Infections Naturally
  • Ancient Healing and Modern Disease: Chinese Medicine and Cancer
  • How to Remove the Threat of Toxic Cancer-Causing Chemicals in Your Home
  • Put Out the Fire: Control Inflammation, Control Cancer
  • Custom topic to align with your audience or event


Her encouragement to use this illness to create life changing habits was empowering and the comfort of knowing that she will be in my corner for a long time to come is a huge emotional boost.
- K.M.
The conversation we had may have changed my life more than any other. It was a wake up call, a call to action. I cannot express how grateful I am.
- D.C.
Dr. Chilkov fills in the gaps left by western medicine with the health end of the equation.
- S.F.
The beauty of working with Dr. Nalini is that everything is rooted in scientific research combined with her years of passion and experience. What’s more Dr. Nalini isn’t afraid of cancer. She kicks its ass!
- S.M.
Breast Cancer Patient
Last year I almost died of advanced cancer. Nobody should have to go through what I experienced. Dr. Nalini Chilkov is my secret weapon for perfect health – she’s practical, pragmatic and brilliant.
Mike Koenigs
- Mike Koenigs
Advanced Colorectal Cancer, Best Selling Author and Speaker
My team included Dr. Nalini Chilkov. Without her guidance and expertise, I don’t think I could have gotten through the a major abdominal surgery and chemotherapy. She also put together a plan to keep me healthy post treatment. I am forever grateful.
- D.W.
Ovarian Cancer Patient
If you do not have cancer and want to keep it that way, this book is full of the guidance that you need. Dr. Nalini is amazing. Full of wisdom gathered from her years of doing this.
- M.K.
I am not sure where to begin to thank you. My meeting with Dr. Chilkov was the most needed of medicines. Finally, someone who is looking at the whole and long term picture; not just deploying nuclear bombs in my body and waiting to see the results.
- J.C.
Ovarian Cancer Patient
Dr. Chilkov is the very best kind of physician, marrying leading edge science with ancient healing. I came to Dr Chilkov with advanced late stage cancer. I was told that my cancer was untreatable and inoperable. While under her care my tumors shrank.
- S.M.
Advanced Stage Cancer Survivor and Thriver
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Integrative Oncology: Supporting The HEALTH of Cancer Patients and Survivors with the OutSmart Cancer® System

#1 Bestseller: 32 Ways to OutSmart Cancer®

Create a Body In Which Cancer Cannot Thrive

The definitive step-by-step easy-to-follow roadmap to a cancer-free life.

Get access to the same time-tested recommendations Dr. Chilkov has made available only to her patients for over 30 years.

This transformational guide is for people living with and recovering from cancer and those who do not want to get cancer in the first place.

Learn how to turn on your cancer-fighting genes so that you can live long and live well!

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